Saturday, November 8, 2008

What is the primary goal of MLM contact management.

Contact management for MLM is still at it's infant stages. People are more attracted to a CRM that has nifty features that will rarely be used than a usable suite of fundamental tools. I have reviewed many if not all of the available MLM contact management systems that are being promoted. Here are a few observations that may help you make a choice.

First you need to think about what type of prospecting system you have. There are many who prefer a bulk approach such as mass email and other marketing. However, even if you are taking a more massive approach at marketing you will want to be able to have a high touch relationship with some portion of those prospects in you contat management system. I recommend differentiating between your mass system and your high touch contact system. Using a website is a goood way to make that filtering differtiation.

For example. You may have created, bought etc.. a list of thousands of potential prospects. You will want to use an email service for mass advertising to this list, but you will not want to micro manage your list with an mlm contact management system. What you can do is use a website that filters more interested people into a list worthy of telephone contacts or whatever form of contaat you prefer. At later dates you can add these people back into a bulk list. These types of methods are really for a full time network marketer.

Those who may be part time of spare time may not have the resources or time to mass advertising. We can use a website system to distrubte business cards while we are out and about as well as purchasing leads to add to the system and follow up with. The more prospects you have the more you will want to filter them and spend less time with uniterested prospects.

The main feature or aspect of an MLM contact management system that you need to streamline this process is a usable CRM interface. The importance here is how fast you can go from capturing data to contacting a person, schedule follow up, and go to the next person. Hundreds of CRMS have come and gone because they are feature rich but process poor.


If you are looking for an MLM contact management system that is more process centered and allows you to streamline your prospecting pipeline you may want to check out the following.

Recommended MLM Contact Management System.

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