Sunday, November 9, 2008

Avoiding micro contact management

OK. Of course contact management is a benefit for your MLM. but we all know that virtues can become vices. Here are a few things to consider to avoid micro-contact management.

1. Work with what you have:

It's very easy to not have everything PERFECT and allow yourself to wait on that perfection before taking steady action. Learn to work with what you have and set apart a time to make improvements on the system outside of productivity time.

2. Learn to move on:

You will not close every person you talk to. In fact you will probably close a very low percentage. Conversion for website is considered good at 3%. Unless you are spending alot of money advertising and filtering many leads you will not close a high ration. Very successful businesses do not close high ratios, but they do GET THROUGH THE NUMBER QUICKLY. Learn to let people not like your business and just move on.

3. Limit amounts of repetitive tasks:

Incredible how much time something like checking your email can take when done over and over. Limit your email checking. I only check it a few times each day. It is easy to let this reach compulsive levels and it sucks more time than you would believe.

4. Make people earn your time.

I have seen people fail so many times because they spend way too much time sending long personal emails to people who have not earned it. I consider that stealing. You may want to put all this effort into every prospect but the time lost is much more damaging than thew few extra points you may score from time to time.

5. Automate where possible:

Learning to automate where you can without jeopardizing is wonderful. Mail merges, premade emails, faqs etc... are a great way to save time and provide value at the same time.

Hopefully these few tips have got your wheels turning in that direction. Take action, and wriite down your game plan to make sure your micor managing doesn't get out of control.

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